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How To Choose An Eco-friendly Rug

How To Choose An Eco-friendly Rug


Creating an eco-friendly home is easier than what people may think… and what better way to start than with a beautiful sustainable rug that doesn’t harm the earth or environment.


How do eco friendly products help the environment?

Eco friendly products are products that do not harm the environment whether in their production, use or disposal. Eco friendly rugs are made from natural materials and will therefore not release harmful gasses/chemicals in your home. Here at Woven we offer a wide range of sustainable rugs from respectable brands such as Massimo, Nanimarquina, Nourison, Serge Lesage and more. 


Advantages of environmentally friendly products:
  • Better health
  • Energy efficiency
  • Enhanced indoor air quality
  • Low maintenance

Natural materials


Wool is renewable and abundant, making it the ultimate sustainable material. Investing in a wool rug will save you money in the long run as they are naturally stain-resistant, strong and fire-retardant.

Nanimarquina’s deep admiration for nature and fibres in their natural spate is apparent in the type of materials they use when producing their products. They use different traditional materials such as: Afghan and New Zealand wool, wool felt, recycled polyester and rubber, silk, nettle, jute and mohair.


Hemp fabric, also known as a 'super fibre', is a natural material made from the fibres in the herbaceous plant of the species 'cannabis sativa'. Hemp has better anti-bacterial properties than any other natural material, making it extremely resistant to mould, mildew and rot.

Made entirely with hand-spun hemp, Herb by rug by Nanimarquina rug boasts all the benefits of this little known, but incredible, vegetable fibre. Resistant, durable, lightweight, and with an unbeatable thermal insulation, Herb is the coolest option for hot summers, and a source of heat in the middle of winter.




Sisal is an environmentally friendly fibre as it is biodegradable and almost no pesticides or fertilisers are used in its cultivation. It is extracted from the leaves of an Agave plant. Due to its high durability, a rug made of sisal is great for areas in your home with a high foot fall such as hallways. 


Recycled materials

Trash RocknRoll by Massimo is a unique collection of rugs transformed from traditional centuries old hand-knotted rugs. They are washed, some are used as they are, some are bleached, some are trashed and some are coloured. Ultimately, the rugs are produced out of recycled carpet material. They are easy to maintain and the more you use them the more character they get.




Jute is a sturdy natural organic fibre extracted from the bark of the white jute plant grown in Indonesia/ Bali called 'Corchorus Capsularis'. It is currently the most eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable natural material in the world!


Choty by Serge Lesage


Intensity by Serge Lesage



The production of Bamboo is sustainable as it thrives without any pesticides and also it is biodegradable and thus a very eco-friendly material.



What to avoid

Whilst rugs made from synthetic materials such as acrylic, rayon (artificial silk) and polyester are cheaper, the quality is lower and they can be harmful to the environment. It’s important to note that synthetic rugs have been treated with synthetic chemicals that ‘outgas’ into your home, which can be harmful to you and the environment.


Care & Fair: Education and Health for Carpet Knotting Families

Care & Fair is a world-renowned organisation that helps fight illegal child labour in India, Nepal and Pakistan, and creates better living conditions for carpet knotting families. At present, the industry supports 13 schools, 8 adult education centres and 5 day care clinics.

Linie Design do not only produce wonderful rug designs, but they also do it in a wonderful, ethical way. Linie Design are a member of ‘Care & Fair’, through which they have fully sponsored one of the schools in India – thereby named Linie Design School. Brands such Massimo and Brink and Campman are also members of this reputable organisation. 

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