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Top 8 Affordable Modern Rugs

Top 8 Affordable Modern Rugs

Griff by Louis De Poortere from £68

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Buying a rug for your home can be expensive, so if you need some guidance or maybe just some inspiration in buying a modern rug which isn’t going to break the bank you have come to right place. The less expensive rugs can look not only look great but can also last you a couple of years if you’re careful.  


Our Woven Essentials catalogue a range of well constructed and designed rugs without the hefty price tag. Starting at just £59, the collection displays a selection of affordable rugs which will add style and comfort to your home. Absolute bargain right?


A rug truly makes a room.

If you don’t have much money to spend but still want to make your home look more cosy, to keep noise minimum for your downstairs neighbours, or simply to add some warmth for those cold winter days, we have put together the top 8 affordable modern rugs which will be a great addition to any contemporary interior. 


1. Hope by Nourison from £99



    Hope has been one of our best selling rugs and we can see exactly why. It’s its deep blues, vivid red-orange and gleaming yellow tones flow beautifully from one to the other, adding a sense of luxury to any interior. Starting at just £99, this affordable modern rug is a must have for your home.

    Best for: Living room, dining room, bedroom

    Material: 100% polypropylene - possesses high flexural strength because of its semi-crystalline nature.

    Sizes: 119x180cm / 160x221cm / 239x320cm

    Colours: blue


    2. Pembroke by Woven Essentials from £59

    Pembroke is an example of a rug with a low pile. Low pile rugs have yarns that extend up a quarter of an inch from the backing. The surface is flat however, still provide some cushioning.

    Best for: Suitable for high traffic areas and easy to clean, making them suitable for dining rooms or living rooms

    Material: 100% polypropylene. Polypropylene parts can be 100% recycled.

    Sizes: 80x150cm / 120x170cm / 160x220cm

    Colours: Yellow, grey, blue


    3. Asko by Linie Design from £120



    Linie Design’s Asko rug is a classic piece with a contemporary twist. It’s neutral colour options will go with almost anything, making it super easy to style.

    Best for: Dining room, bedroom, living room          

    Material: 90% Wool and 10% Cotton – extremely strong and durable

    Sizes: 80x250cm / 140x240cm / 170x240cm / 200x300cm

    Colours: Cream, taupe, black, teal, grey, beige, brown


    4. Medallion by Louis De Poortere from £65



     We cannot believe Louis De Poortere’s medallion rug starts at just £65! What an incredible rug for that price. The darker colour navy blue is a great choice as it won’t show dirt as easily as the lighter colours, yet will make a room feel open.

    Best for: Living room, dining room

    Material: 100% cotton – soft, natural and breathable. Cotton is soft and will not irritate sensitive skin or cause allergies.

    Sizes: 60x90cm / 80x150cm / 140x200cm / 170x240cm / 200x280cm / 230x330cm / 280x360cm

    Colours: Blue, beige, slate, cream, pink, teal, taupe, leaf, black, brown, grey


    5. Malta V by Nourison from £149

    This timeless oriental rug will make your bedroom instantly look more homey and cosy without costing you a lot. The beautiful rug has sky-washed shades of blue, ivory, white, cream and taupe which are beautifully bordered design of leaves and blossoms. It’s design is perfect for the interior lovers which love the subtle yet interesting look.

    Best for: Bedroom, living room

    Material: 90% Polyproylene & 10% Chenille

    Sizes: 119x170cm / 160x231cm / 239x330cm / 274x366cm

    Colours: Blue, taupe


    6. Hexa Dime by Woven Essentials from £89


    This modern rug has a simple but effective contemporary geometric design which is hand tufted and carved with a thick 100% acrylic pile. Being acrylic these rugs are hard wearing under foot but have a warm and soft feel. Excellent value for money.

    Best for: Bedroom, living room

    Material: 100% acrylic – strong and warm

    Sizes: 90x150cm / 120x170cm / 160x220cm

    Colours: Black, blue, yellow, slate


    7. Ajo by Linie Design from £165



    The monochrome striped pattern is great for adding some dimension to your space, without attracting too much attention. And also, lets not forget £165 is a GREAT price for a wool rug!

    Best for: Being 100% wool, consider placing Ajo in a room with less foot traffic such as the bedroom. Try and avoid hallways and living room.

    Material: 100% wool - naturally fire retardant

    Sizes: 140x200cm / 160x230cm / 200x300cm

    Colours: Yellow, slate, teal, taupe, blue, black


    8. Celestial by Nourison from £99



    Looking for a splash of energy? Starting at just £99, Celestial’s deep, gorgeous hues in a medley of hot pinks, ocean blues and golden yellows will enliven any room with an exciting pop of colour. It’s eye catching and exciting design is also great as it would be a distraction from any spills or dirt.

    Best for: Living room – easy to vacuum

    Material: 100% Polypropylene

    Sizes: 119x180cm / 221x160cm / 239x320cm

    Colours: Multi

    We hope that these examples of affordable modern rugs have given you some inspiration when it comes to choosing an affordable modern rug for your interior. If you still require more advice or direction please contact us at Our team has an excellent understanding of interior design, suitable rug constructions, colours and materials and would be more than happy to offer guidance.   


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