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Decorating with a Monochrome Rug

Decorating with a Monochrome Rug

Fading Night by Linie Design


Nothing quite matches the elegance of a black and white colour scheme. To achieve your monochrome look, begin by choosing a black, white or grey rug as the building blocks for your interior scheme. You can then start building up from here with other aspects such as furniture and accessories. The black and white combination has been around for centuries, so as well as being able to create a beautiful, sleek interior, you can also make use of the monochrome scheme to create a more vintage appeal.


Matrix 35 by Asiatic Carpets

In this contemporary bedroom, our new 'Matrix 35' rug by Asiatic Carpets truly claims the space by being the absolute focal point. A statement rug with an eye-catching bold pattern will become an important factor in the room, effortlessly drawing people in. Just like above, add a splash of colour, personality and life to your space with a green plant such as cactus or monstera, and some vibrantly coloured cushions. 


Griff by Louis De Poortere

The living room is the setting for social gatherings and where the whole family gets together, therefore must appear well put together. Louis De Poortere’s Griff rug is the perfect rug for under furniture such as sofas and tables… it’s extremely low pile will ensure dirt such as crumbs and dust are easily removed with a quick hoover. Griff is a proven best seller here at Woven, interior designers love it, our general customers love it, and is also a favourite of the Woven design team.


Bologna by Linie Design

Here, our gorgeous ‘Bologna’ rug by Linie Design is used to create a sleek, clean and minimalistic look with its natural charm. Its soft earthy tones and the graceful classic weave radiate nothing but luxury, lavishness and serenity. Bologna is hand woven by Indian master craftsmen working in safe working environments, and the individual nature of the construction meaning variances in the texture can occur, making each rug unique. Bologna would sit perfectly in the centre of an office space, setting the tone for the rest of the interior.


Ajo by Linie Design

Ajo, by one of Scandinavia’s famous design houses, is a classic piece with a contemporary twist. This beautiful flatweave rug has a dynamic element while still feeling simplistic and not too over the top. A black and white striped rug is just what a large open space needs in order to feel more welcoming and inviting, although it can also work well in a smaller space. As beautiful as it is on its own, Ajo also works incredibly well layered up amongst other flatweaves – this will create a unique and captivating textured space.


Washable rug Zig Zag by Lorena Canals

Black and white stripes, contemporary herringbone, and various other geometric patterns work to create an energetic interior that will most definitely make you stop and look twice. This on-trend, machine-washable modern rug by Lorena Canals is a great way to add energy and liven up any room. Zig-Zag is hand-made from 100% cotton and natural dyes, making it completely safe to use in a child’s room. It has a well-defined personality but also fits in with any space in the home - be it living room, dining room, bedroom, or terrace.

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