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Choosing The Perfect Rug For Your Living Room.

Choosing The Perfect Rug For Your Living Room.

Featured Rug: Asko Mixed by Linie Design.

You may think that choosing a rug for your living room is straight forward. Typically, we pick our rugs based on the shape of the space we're working with, hallways for runners and so forth. But living rooms? That's where it can get tricky! 
We've put together our top tips to make sure you find the perfect rug for your living room! 

What are your rug goals?

1. Style: Obviously achieving your aesthetic is priority! Do you want to make a statement? A rug is the perfect way to add a pop of colour to your living room, for a subtler effect try adding a patterned rug with muted tones. 

2. Practicality: The living room is for entertaining and bringing everyone together! So, when we say practicality we are referring to how likely it is that you may encounter accidental spills or dirty shoes! If this sounds likely look for rugs made with acrylic, jute or polyester. These fibres are both hard wearing and easy to clean. 

3. Space: Our space is precious. That's why we want to make sure we always make the most out of it. Rugs are a great way to draw attention to the areas we love the most in our homes. Placing a rug partially under your favourite furniture can really make the colours pop! 


What size rug fits best?

Our rugs should always be size relative. You don't want to for a rug that is too big for your space - this could create an illusion of a cramped, smaller room. However large expansive rugs that are neutral in tone are a great way to keep spaces open and light. 

On the other hand, a rug that is too small can damage your aesthetics. The uncomplimentary 'floating rug' look refers to when a rug that is too small is placed in a room without touching furniture. Always ensure your rug is working in collaboration with your furniture, not alone! For smaller rugs choose a statement piece, whether that be in regards to colour or pattern. 

Unsure how to place your rug?

Rug placement is crucial in making the most out of your space. Let's break down the best placements for different rug types. 

1. Statement rugs: Let your rug dictate the aesthetic of your living room. Place your rug in the centre, whether that be between sofas or under a centre table, it is essential to give these rugs the spotlight! 

2. Minimal rugs: Use expansive minimal rugs as a carpet alternative. This is a great way to add some extra coziness to your living room! Check out our range of Scandinavian rugs. Use them as a base to cover the floor and place your furniture on top or partially on top for a sleek clean finish. 

3. Shaped rugs: Shaped rugs are great to add another dimension to your room. Use them to draw attention to like sized pieces of furniture!


Should a rug be under the couch? 

There is debate around whether or not a rug belongs partially under our couches, for us it's a yes! 

When positioned correctly, having a rug sit partially under your sofa can create the illusion that we are all interior designers! We recommend having at least two legs of your feature furniture touching your rug. 

The typical rule of thumb is to have the rug 8-10 inches under your couch, or feature furniture. This is beneficial as it opens the space and brings the focus to your rug. 


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