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Choosing The Perfect Rug For Your Bedroom

Choosing The Perfect Rug For Your Bedroom

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Your bedroom is the perfect place to let your furnishings showcase your personality. A rug is a great way to do this, insert some colour or pattern to quickly transform your special space! 

Which rug is best for the bedroom?

Comfort: Our bedrooms are our sanctuary. It's where we sleep, relax and escape the madness of everyday life! A rug is a great way to add extra cosiness to your space, making it that little bit easier to get our of bed in the morning before you get your slippers on. We have a great range of super soft cushioned rugs that will add some extra warmth. 

Style: Use your rug to bring out your personality. If you want to keep your bedroom light and airy it would be best to stick to block neutrals. Alternatively, you can spice up your space with some bold colours and patterns. The colours in your rug can be used to create a bold contrast with other textiles in your room. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to style! 

Material: When you think of the bedroom you probably think of soft, luxurious materials. Unlike the living room or walkway, your bedroom has a low footfall which means you can opt for a rug that focuses on luxurious materials rather than prioritising practicality. You may like to consider rugs made of wool, which will be both soft and strong. Or synthetic rugs if you're still a little spill cautious! 


How to place a rug in the bedroom. 

When placing a rug in your bedroom you want to ensure it is giving the illusion of more space. Sometimes, rugs can make our rooms feel stuffy, follow our tips to make sure your rug placement is spot on! 

Under the bed: By placing your rug partially under your bed you immediately give the illusion of more space. If you are going to place your rug under your bed you want to make sure it is even on all sides, as if it is framing your bed. Failure to do this can leave your room looking unequal. 

Around the bed: If you are going to place your rug entirely out from under your bed, it is best to give some space between the rug and surrounding walls. We recommend that you leave around a half-metre gap to keep the room feeling spacious. For spaces between your bed and your walls a runner shaped rug is a great option to elongate the space while inserting a lovely amount of colour and pattern. 

Multiple rugs: For larger bedrooms, you may consider using multiple rugs to break up the space. Some people may think that using two significantly different rugs would be too messy, but it can actually insert a great contrasting dynamic and break up the monotony of a large open room. 


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