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The all-in-one guide on how to clean a rug

The all-in-one guide on how to clean a rug

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More often than not, our rugs get overlooked when it comes to cleaning. Sure, we
give them a good vacuum regularly, but is that enough?
Don’t be fooled, cleaning a rug doesn’t have to be a hassle. With the right tips and
tricks, you can incorporate this chore into your routine with ease. So, if you’ve been wondering how to clean a rug, we’ve got you covered.     

How to deep clean a rug?

Let’s assume you haven’t cleaned your rug for a while – we get it, it happens. Before getting into a cleaning pattern, you will first want to deep clean your rug. This ensures your rug is pristine and ready for a little refresher every now and then. Here’s the best way to clean a rug
  1. Start by vacuuming your rug. You want to pick up as much dust and dirt as possible. If you can, get your rug outside and give it a good shake or beat. 
  2. Next, you’ll want to find some carpet shampoo. Always check the rug cleaning instructions as the type of shampoo you need depends on the material. For example, synthetic rugs and natural rugs will need very different treatments but we’ll get into that later. 
  3. Do a patch test. Find a small area on your rug and apply the shampoo. The corners are usually best for patch testing. Make sure you always do this as you need to make sure the fabric doesn’t react to the shampoo. If you’re not careful, you could apply a whole bottle to a rug only to find it causes discolouration. 
  4. If the patch test didn’t show any problems, you can get to work with the shampoo as per the product's instructions. We would always suggest doing this outside, if you can, to avoid any transfer to other floors or furniture. 
  5. Let the rug dry and finish with some fabric spray to keep that fresh smell.        

How much does it cost to clean a rug? 

On average, rug cleanings can cost between £19 – £27 for a small rug and £33 – £56 for large rugs. 
The cost of a rug cleaning depends on quite a few things. Mostly, it comes down to the size of the rug. Naturally, the bigger the rug, the more expensive the cleaning will be. 
Other things come into play such as the material. Natural fibres tend to need a little more attention as only specific products can be used. Sometimes, it might even require specialist knowledge. In these cases, it’s always best to get a professional in to make sure the job is done to a high standard. 
If cleaning a rug doesn’t bother you, you can, of course, clean a rug for a fraction of the price if you do it yourself. A bottle of carpet shampoo will set you back less than a tenner. Although, what you save in money you will have to give back with time as cleaning a rug isn’t exactly a quick job.    

How to clean a natural rug?

Natural rugs are a popular choice and for good reason. Not only do they look amazing, but they are also made using top quality materials. So, they are a great option for those looking for a long-lasting addition to their home. However, natural rugs aren’t quite as easy to clean as their synthetic counterparts. 
Natural rugs include rugs made from materials such as jute and wool, for example. Here are our recommended steps for the best way to clean a rug made from natural materials:
  1. Vacuum and or beat your rug to shake off any loose dirt and dust. 
  2. Spot clean any areas that need specific attention, such as spills or stains.
  3. Don’t use any harsh chemicals on your rug. Stick to warm water and blot any dirty areas – don’t rub. Blotting lifts stains whereas rubbing can push them further into the fibres. 
  4. If marks aren’t lifting, try soda water. 
  5. If the marks are still being persistent, use a very mild detergent diluted in water and blot again with a clean cloth. 
  6. Avoid getting your rug too wet and make sure it is thoroughly dried. 
Unlike other rugs, natural rugs retain water very well, which is bad news when it comes to cleaning. If the rugs aren’t allowed to properly dry, they can go mouldy. So, always make sure natural rugs are fully dried before putting them back in their usual spot.   

How to clean a synthetic rug?

When it comes to rug cleaning, synthetic rugs are a breeze. Since they aren’t made from any natural materials, they are pretty resilient to everyday cleaning products. Having said that, make sure you always read the label on your rug to know exactly what mix of materials it is made from. Sometimes, even mostly synthetic rugs can have some natural fibres woven in. 
Since they are fairly low maintenance, synthetic rugs don’t require any kind of special treatment. But here are some day-to-day tips on how to clean a rug made from synthetic materials: 
  1. Vacuum your rug a couple of times a week. This keeps dust and dirt at bay which stops any build-up. 
  2. Clean any spills as soon as they happen with a blotting motion. 
  3. If the stains are stubborn, mix one part vinegar with one part water and spray on the affected area. This should help to lift any marks.  
  4. Get a professional clean once or twice a year. We don’t doubt that you will do a perfect job. But sometimes cleaning a rug takes a little something extra, like a steam or foam clean. 
And there you have it, your all-in-one guide on how to clean a rug. Whether you do it yourself or get the help and advice of a professional now and then, cleaning a rug isn’t a chore you should skip. If you keep on top of it, your rug could last a lot longer than you think.   
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