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9 Reasons To Choose a Louis De Poortere Rug

9 Reasons To Choose a Louis De Poortere Rug

 Fading World Medallion 8254 Blue Night


1. Perfect for dining rooms
Louis De Poortere’s flat-weaves are approximately 3mm in thickness; their flat surface makes them a perfect choice for under tables and chairs. If you’ve been on the hunt for a beautiful yet practical rug for your dining room, then Fading World Medallion 8254 Blue Night is the one for you. Its short pile will ensure crumbs from the table are easily cleaned rather than being permanently trapped.


2. Easy to maintain

Beating of the rug:

If your rug is not too heavy to lift, begin by shaking it outside, then place it over a clothesline and beat it (preferably on the back of the rug). Completing this step will make the next stage (vacuuming) a little easier for you.



Dirt and dust gets caught in rugs easily, therefore it is important for the lifespan of your rug to vacuum it regularly; we recommend at least once a week, however the more foot fall over your rug, the more often it will need vacuuming.


James Water:

Spray James Water (a biodegradable and pH neutral maintenance product for rugs) on your rug, then rub it dry with a dry terry towel, using wide sweeping strokes. Cleaning your rug this way will you’re your Louis De Poortere rug looking and feeling fresh for longer.


3. Fit under a door
Yet another practical thing about Louis De Poortere rugs is the fact that their thin 3mm pile means they are able to fit under some/most doors. Get in touch today to request your Louis De Poortere sample if you wished to check this in your home before you buy.

4. Anti-slip
Each Louis De Poortere rug is hand finished with reinforced corners and treated with a natural anti-slip backing to prevent slipping. So even if your rug is being placed on hard flooring you will not require the extra expense of an anti-slip mat.


5. Sustainable
This world-renowned brand is focussed on sustainability. Their products are developed to be 100% biodegradable, meaning it capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms and thereby avoiding pollution.To find out more about sustainability and eco-friendly rugs click here to read our ‘How to choose an eco-friendly rug’.


6. Use the finest quality raw materials
Louis De Poortere’s strong procedures for incoming raw materials and strict manufacturing standards means that finished goods are produced to the best quality.


7. Beautiful and unique designs
 Whatever your aesthetic or comfort requirement, with 7 new collections – 16 new rugs, there is a style for every contemporary home. Each collection has something special and unique about it.


8. Durable
Louis De Poortere rugs are produced in a combination of pure new wool and cotton chenille. Both of these fibres are prized for their durability, making them a long-lasting material.


Click here to view our Louis De Poortere collection in full. 

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