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Kids Rugs - Lorena Canals

Kids Rugs - Lorena Canals

We all know that children can be really messy; it’s something that all parents have to deal with. If you want to invest in a new rug but are worrying about your little one getting it dirty one way or another, then worry no further. If you're a bit of a clean freak, you'd be glad to hear that all Lorena Canals' 100% cotton rugs are machine-washable, meeting the needs of modern lifestyles. These modern rugs are perfect kids, but also for grown-ups and any place of your home.


Established in 1990, Lorena Canals designs and produces rugs and textile accessories that are both stylish and practical. Her story began when one day the founder asked herself

“Why can’t we wash our kid’s rugs at home?” 

 with no suitable solution, she set out to create her own.


Washable rug benefits:

  • Natural - made of 100% cotton
  • Dyes used are 100% natural
  • Safe - non-toxic fibre
  • Lightweight
  • Handmade
  • Practical


The brand does not only produce aesthetically beautiful rugs, but also pride themselves in using only socially responsible labour practices along the way. Each rug from the ‘Mix’ collection is named for a child to whom Lorena Canals provide a scholarship in India – a small, but beautiful touch.


Mix Ritika Sand Beige


    The ‘Bereber’ rug is a proven best seller, and is now available in a selection of intense and subtle new colours. It blends in perfectly, whether in a nursery or boy's or girl's bedroom or in other settings: living room, bedroom, corridor, patio or garden. Hand-made using the loop technique, its natural dyes make it safe and, being cotton, it is soft, pliable and light. 


    Rooms that would benefit from a washable rug:

    • Hallways
    • Playrooms
    • Bathrooms
    • Kids bedrooms


    Nordic Lines

    The Nordic Lines wool rug is a Scandinavian-inspired design with a style comprising refined lines and plain colours, ideal for a modern, visually light and elegant look. We love how various lines create rectangular shapes and emerge outwards, turning into braids. 


    Sakula Project


    “Its wonderful to see all of these children thinking about their dreams, because these dreams will turn into aspirations in the future. And we have a very significant role to play”.


    Sakula project began in 2008, when Lorena Canals started building a nursery in Haryana, India, for less fortunate children that were living on the streets. This nursery was put into place to provide protection, schooling and a meal a day for the children. Some years later, Lorena Canals began to collaborate with Baba Jodh Sachiar Public School by donating a percentage of their profits from selling their products to help finance the education of the school’s students. It’s a great feeling knowing that with every Lorena Canals purchase, you are helping a child get an education and live a better life.


    Click here to view our Lorena Canals collection in full.

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