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General Advice

This is an odd ball as it totally comes down to environment. A family of four is likely to wear out a rug in a hallway twice as fast as a middle aged couple. Machine made rugs tend to be very durable but often don’t feel that sophisticated, wool and acrylic rugs tend to be hand tufted and can take some wear and tear. Hand knotted rugs will last a long time as they are the most durable option. Here are a few simple tips that can extend the life of your purchase:

  • Vacuum Me Regularly.

  • Spot Clean Marks Off Me.

  • Turn Me So That I Wear From Both Ends.

  • No Shoes, Treat Me With Respect.

  • Shake Me / Air Me / Open A Window.


Here is a tip you wont often hear - be careful with synthetic fibres. Pet oils tend to rub off and build up as an oily residue on synthetic fibres. Ultimately these oils can go off creating an unpleasant odour.  As a rule, select wool based rugs as these do not react to pet oils.


Spending a little bit more on wool or a high-quality production may be more worth it in the long run. Buying a synthetic or machine made rug is also okay - simply accept them for what they are and apply the same logic you would to a cushion or throw which you might change every 2-3 years in line with the latest trend or fashion.

Open Fires

Never lay a synthetic rug in front of an open fire, they are susceptible to flames and will burn, wool on the other hand will simply smoulder and go out.


Asthma is always a concern to new mum and babies can be very susceptible to their environment. Cotton flat weave or synthetic short pile rugs are better suited.