Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago
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    Introducing Nord, a sophisticated collection of handmade rugs & homewares created and styled . Our products are lovingly created, handmade by the finest skilled artisans who master their trade. Our passion for Nordic design with soft forms and rich textures is at the heart of our homewares.

    Produced using fine yarns to the highest standards, Nord is the benchmark in Scandinavian design. We only work with natural material – wool, silk & viscose. As our brand grows we firmly see environmental sustainability as huge importance and responsibility, so you can create an atmosphere and luxurious space that’s comfortable for you while protecting the planet.

    Our team have many years of experience in the industry we love. We have curated a style and collection which our valued customers have been yearning for.  

    Our ranges are made and designed with you, the style conscious individual, in mind. We know the importance you value a hybrid of style & comfort – we sincerely hope we have met this expectation with our rugs & homewares.