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Herb Yellow

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Size: 170 x 240cm

The Herb collection stems from a deep admiration for nature and a great respect for fibres in their pure state. Made entirely with hand-spun hemp, each rug boasts all the benefits of this little known, but incredible, vegetable fibre. Resistant, durable, lightweight, and with an unbeatable thermal insulation, Herb is the coolest option for hot summers, and a source of heat in the middle of winter.

The collection presents a design in simple colours yet at the same time with character, which minimalists will surely appreciate. This is a rug filled with vibrant life since the shine of Herb’s hemp will evolve over time. This fibre presents natural antibacterial properties, is biodegradable and free of toxins, as no harmful chemicals are used during cultivation. For this reason, Herb becomes the maximum expression of nature itself.


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Product information

Made in India

Hand Loom

100% Hemp