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Capas 5

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Size: 170 x 240cm

Colourful shadows... The German designer, Mathias Hahn wanted to imitate the effect of shadows on the ground on the Capas rugs. His starting point is that shadows are never black or grey, rather they are full of colours and geometric shapes. The aim of the designer was to therefore create a rug with a casual yet complex style via the use of colours and depth effects. This manifests itself in a rhythmic and dynamic composition with geometric shapes and unstructured contours. Shadow effects are created between the different parts of the rug, with lighter blocks of colour which appear to almost rise up above the others, creating a three-dimensional impression. This collection is the result of a complex manual technical process to achieve the density and fluidity of the desired effect. To be able to make the Capas rugs, Mathias Hahn and Nanimarquina studied the technical features of Kilim weaving in depth looking for new methods to divide colours. After months of research, they developed a new kind of Kilim weaving which was able to combine the colours of the warp and weft (normally, the warp is not visible in kilim). By defining a different density to Kilim with new warp tones, they were, as such, able to get an extremely visual texture in which the colours intertwine and superimpose over one another in a fluid way. This unique texture allows for a great depth and a fascinating effect of shadow and light. Mathias Hahn, on the Capas rug weaving technique: "By loosening the fibres and by using a thicker warp, we made new colours and textures visible for increased depth and improved hues." Colour is an essential element of the Capas collection. Each rug has a main colour, a complementary tone and its darker hue, which, in the composition give the illusion of a shadow on the ground. These master colours are in harmony with transition shades which create this wonderful fading effect. Whether it was during the hours spent by the creators refining their works to express the current vision, or in the craftspeople's days of weaving, tirelessly updating their ancient techniques while respecting tradition, you find this search for precision which defines the quality of the Nanimarquina rugs.


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